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Friends Only
Hi! You should know that 95% of the entries in this journal are friends only, so if you want to be able to read them, comment here and I'll friend you.

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hey it's Aimee! Add meeeee!

(Deleted comment)
Hi, I've been searching for a Firefly FO banner and I came across this post. Is this one of your graphics that you're willing to share? I use some of your icons (always comment and credit). Any chance I could use this banner in my journal, with credit? :)

Yep, go ahead and use the banner, credit either in the post or on your userinfo page. I'm glad you like it. ^_^

I am additced to fanfic I would love to read yours!!!

My fanfiction is always posted publicly (although not always in this journal; sometimes my fic, especially if it has a higher rating, is posted to a community). An updated index of links to all the fics I have posted on LJ is here in my memories.

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