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I'm going to do a friends-cut. Please, no one be offended. I'm sort of obsessive about keeping computer things tidy (not IRL things, though, no siree). I'm likely to cut you if you don't update, the stuff you post doesn't interest me, or you tend to put the same things that you post in your personal jornal that you post in communities I frequent.

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Hey hun! Hope I don't get cut because I really like reading your journal.

Winter Break is going to be awesome! We should all go sledding on Dan's hill. haha

Hmmm... are Matt and I still fighting? I guess we shouldn't be because we're somehow related... I don't know. I just never had any desire to talk to him because you are way cooler.
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Hey its Aviva from your Acting class. Do I have to privelage of being friended?
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Oh, friending ASAP!
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Hey hun, I need you to add me so I can read your sexy entries again!
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Hi I was over at the spikeDawn comunity and wanted to read a story you wrote but it's f-locked so i was wondering if you'd let me in your friends list. thanks
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Just wanted to know...

Is there a keg in your pants? ;-)

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hey! added.

GenCon was fun... now I just have to read the 400 back entries on my friends page... ^_^
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