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Quidditch Training (01/11)
In going with Paul's suggestion, here's the first chapter of Quidditch Training, right here, under a cut.

Title: Quidditch Training (01/11)
Author: digopheliadug
Pairing: Oliver/Angelina
Rating: PG-13 for implied sexuality and language
Summary: Oliver Wood, fresh from his first season on the Puddlemere United reserve team, takes a month to help train the Gryffindor team and it’s new captain, Angelina Johnson.

Thanks to hermionewithdarkhair from FictionAlley Park for the beta.

Angelina Johnson was livid.

It had been bad enough when Oliver Wood was captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team – bossing everybody about, not listening to Angelina’s perfectly reasonable suggestions. But now that Oliver had been gone from Hogwarts for a year and Angelina herself was poised to captain the team, his interference was unacceptable.

“Absolutely not,” she told Oliver. Or rather, she said it to Oliver’s head as it appeared in the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room during final exam week. Angelina sat in one of the cozy armchairs. It wasn’t particularly late, and Angelina’s best friends and fellow Quidditch players, Alicia and Katie, were still awake, sitting a few feet away with their books open in front of them, obviously eavesdropping.

“Why not?” Katie asked, dropping all pretense of reading.

“Because I am the captain,” Angelina spat, “and I want to train the team as I see fit. I do not want any interference. No, Oliver, you cannot help train the team this summer.”

“Honestly, Angie,” Oliver said. Angelina made a face – she loathed being called Angie. “Don’t think that I won’t give you as much control as you want,” Oliver continued, ignoring Angelina’s murderous look. “I only want to help, see how the team has grown and changed…” Oliver trailed off. Angelina, of course, refused to believe that he would yield any control in terms of Quidditch, but she knew that Katie and Alicia, who were good players but had little head for strategy, had soft spots for Oliver because they thought he was cute.

“Please, Angelina, please?” wheedled Katie.

“Angel, please? It would be so much fun, and it will only bring the team closer!” Alicia added. Angelina didn’t mind being called Angel as much as Angie, but only Alicia or Katie could get away with even that.

“Fine,” she conceded, throwing up her hands. Maybe a few weeks with Oliver would remind her best friends why they used to spend every night after practice complaining about him. “I’m only the captain, after all, why on earth should you listen to me?”

“Thank you!” squealed the girls, pulling Angelina to them in an embrace. Oliver smiled from the fireplace.

“Have you found a keeper for next year yet?” he asked.

“We’ll be holding try-outs at the beginning of the term. I wanted to hold off until we heard whether or not they’d do something silly like cancel another year of Quidditch,” Angelina replied.

“They won’t, right? I mean, Dumbledore’s said by now?” Oliver asked.

“Of course I’ve asked him, and he’s told me that as far as he can see, there’s no reason not to reinstate the Quidditch teams next year. That’s why McGonagall __ appointed me captain.”

“All right, then. I trust you’ll let Harry and the Weasleys know, and I’ll see you all at Gilbertfield in two weeks?”

“Yes, Oliver,” Angelina sighed, resigning herself to another month of Quidditch training under Oliver Wood.

Chapter 2: Castle On a Cloud

- This story is slightly AU, as Harry won't be spending his entire summer at Privet Drive. Let’s just say he returns there after Qudditch training.
- Gilbertfield Castle is a ruined castle in Scotland near Glasgow, where Oliver is from. It has spells on it similar to those on Hogwarts, which cause it to appear as a ruin.

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After Harry's fourth year.

I haven't read it yet. o_o OMG.



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