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An untitled Draco/Parvati ficlet, written while I was putting off my homework (with a tiny Harry/Pansy reference for my friends on the S.S. Unimaginable Love II)...

Summary: Harry reflects on Parvati's relationship with Draco Malfoy
Notes: This fic is un-betaed, so don't blame hermionewithdarkhair. Any errors are mine!

Sometimes he wondered what Malfoy and Parvati found to talk about. Did they spend their time in a constant argument over who was prettier? At this thought, Harry laughed to himself. But it was only natural that Malfoy, who had the best of everything, would want Parvati, the most beautiful girl in their year, as his girlfriend. What still mystified Harry was why Parvati was with Malofy. There were plenty of nice Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff boys who’d be happy to take her out. And Harry had seen plenty of his housemates, even those in the years above them, looking appreciatively at her. What was it that she saw in Draco Malfoy that she didn’t see in anyone else?

And sometimes Harry wondered if he would have the courage to do what the two of them did. In spite of the generations of bad blood between Slytherin and Gryffidor, Draco Malfoy and Parvati Patil had managed to have a very public relationship for the past year. And although Lucius and Narcissa would probably never accept Parvati, Draco Malfoy had supposedly spent several weeks with the Patils this summer. Harry wondered, if he found himself attracted to Pansy Parkinson, he would be able to do what Malfoy had done – walk straight across the great hall, past members of his rival house hurling insults at him, and ask her to Hogsmeade. And Harry Potter, one of the most famous and powerful wizards in all of Great Britain, was not sure.

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Hi. You made me this icon, and I just took a random look at your journal.

I really liked this story. Some might criticize this because it didn't go into how on earth such a relationship could start, but unusually, it didn't need to. That wasn't what the story was about. After all, Harry wouldn't know anything about the formations of that romance anyway.

I'm glad that you like it! I usually write more plot- or dialogue-oriented stories, but I just had this in my head and was procrastinating on a paper, so...

Haha, I'm also a fan of really long stories with plots as well, but sometimes the little ideas by themselves are nice.

Aweh. I found this cute. Or maybe it's just my infatuation on Draco/Parvati that's taken toll on me? ;D

Sometimes he wondered what Malfoy and Parvati found to talk about. Did they spend their time in a constant argument over who was prettier? <----- That is what caught my attention like whoa. ^_^

Hehe. I would ask you to add me as a friend, but I'm afraid I neglect this journal. Do you perhaps have an account over at greatestjournal? Or AIM?

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